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5s Emek Engineering

Established in 2002 our company with its experienced team operate in a wide range of segments.
Who are we?

In Electrical, Mechanical and Automation Applications

5 S EMEK ENGINEERING, which was established in 2002, serving in the Industrial Electric Machine Construction Contracting sector, operates in a wide range with its experienced team.

It is rapidly rising to the position of the leading company in its field by delivering all the works it has undertaken since its establishment untill today in the desired quality and on time.

With its experience, knowledge, project and technical staff, the company serves with an understanding that determines customer satisfaction and does not compromise on quality.

Sustainability of a Quality Work Environment

It is a workplace organization method consisting of five stages and named after the initials of five Japanese words. 5 S application is the most effective tool for systematical emplementation, management and sustainability maintenance of the industrial tidiness, order and cleanliness within an organization. It is a simple and effective method to increase workplace control and productivity and prevent losses. It supports the continuous improvement studies carried out within organizations and forms the basis for these studies.

What does the 5 S stand for?

Sorting through and removal of materials, equipment and tools that are not needed instantly in the work area.
It is the way of setting in order, arranging and organizing of constantly needed equipment, fixtures and other items, in order to make it easier to find and use them. The improvement project includes all kinds of tools, equipment and machinery.
It is the elimination of all kinds of pollution caused by environment, production and machinery in work areas and machines and efforts to keep them clean. Cleaning is also a kind of control we can perform with our sensory organs; it allows us to detect errors that may occur.
Standards, controls and improvements necessary to be established in order to maintain arrangement, organization and cleanliness and ensure the sustainability.
To ensure the sustainability of existing steps, to train employees, to announce improvements, to find slogans, to make campaigns and to reward teams.
As 5s Emek Engineering,


We Are Becoming A Part of Your Team for A More Comfortable Life with Less Energy! From Planning to Implementation!